In addition to the primary assessments outlined below, CMA consultants draw upon a variety of other psychometric and self-reporting tools, including: CPI, FIRO-B, Career Thoughts Inventory, and Career Beliefs Inventory.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Presents an individual’s Jungian personality preferences to enhance self awareness, decision making, communication styles, and career development. Our firm has a bias in favor of MBTI and, as such, includes this well validated instrument as standard in many coaching and career development programs.

Campbell and Strong Career Interest Inventories

Each of these 300+/- question assessments are based on John Holland’s RIASEC theory of determining vocational preferences. Realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional comprise the 6 preferences which may be used in conjunction with personality preferences to determine both profession and workplace culture fits. CMA prefers to utilize both assessments with individual clients.

360°/Multi-rater Customized Assessments

CMA believes in customizing 360° assessments to the particular organization to take into consideration organizational competencies and leadership factors. The online multi-rater tool we utilize also has the capability of drawing upon a bank of competencies tested against use in large, multi-national organizations. CMA prefers to utilize multi-raters in situations where an ongoing plan of career and professional development is well supported following the delivery of assessment results.

Emotional Intelligence Inventory

Provides individuals and teams with self-perception related to managing the emotions of one’s self and understanding the complicated relationships among emotions. One fairly typical goal is that of promoting greater collaboration and teamwork through EI principles. Those with an enhanced understanding of their EI are able to leverage their shifting moods to best fit the demands of their environment.

DISC Classic

Providing insight into behavioral preferences, DISC offers a highly usable 4 quadrant blueprint as a foundation for improving self-awareness and relationships with others. A versatile coaching, sales, and team building tool, DISC drills down to encourage understanding of the shifting roles we each take on as well as how our preferred behavior may change when under stress.

DISCovering Self and Others with 360° Feedback

CMA is pleased to be the only 3rd party authorized provider in Maine or New Hampshire of The Ken Blanchard Companies’ DISC version with 360° Feedback. This activity packed program offers a first rate workbook and job aid to improve usability and retention of key learnings when back in the workplace. Typically this assessment is utilized in coaching and leadership development capacities.

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