There are 3 distinct groups affected during any downsizing or reduction in force: employees whose positions are eliminated, employees who remain with the organization, and supervisors/managers (including HR!) who are responsible for delivering the message on notification day as well as managing the event’s aftermath.

Outplacement services are typically designed to assist those employees separated from their employer, but the other 2 groups are usually in need of support as well. In the aftermath of notification day, productivity typically declines for a period and the key contributors and managers remaining at the organization may be tempted to begin their own, confidential job searches.

CMA provides structured programs for both pre- and post- notification day time periods.

Delivering the Message

CMA offers a 1.5 hour module designed to train supervisors and managers on how to deliver the news to impacted employees. Emphasis is placed on risk mitigation, maintaining the professional dignity of impacted employees, and consistent messaging. The module is designed to be synchronized with an internal message developed by HR and/or co-presented with an HR representative.

Caring for the Remaining Employees

Our approach to this 2.5 hour training module leverages the knowledge that every employee remaining with the organization (including management, supervisors, and HR) will be emotionally impacted by the separation event. This module allows manager / supervisor participants to begin healing themselves while understanding how to care for their employees and rebuild trust within the organization. Participants are encouraged to identify specific areas and employees presenting the greatest challenges and to develop corresponding action plans.

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